Global Resorts Network in Phoenix Arizona – the Leader in Deep Discount Vacation Packages

Global Resorts Network in Phoenix Arizona

Launched in March of 2007, Global Resorts Network in Phoenix Arizona has quickly become the leader in deep discount vacation packages for luxury travel. Global Resorts Network (GRN) takes a new and unique approach and offering its members not only the ability to discount their travel by up to 85%, but also to make money while doing it. Every member that signs up in their platinum program becomes an affiliate representative for Global Resorts Network.

By becoming an affiliate representative you instantly have the ability to market the GRN products that make substantial commissions. Creating your own home-based business selling deep discount vacation program memberships can in turn make your traveling expenses drop to zero. What makes their program so unique is that there isn’t any ongoing month to month fee to retain membership and take advantage of deep discounts.

The Global Resorts Network in Phoenix Arizona sells only two products requiring a one-time fee. They offer their Platinum Membership (which is a lifetime membership) and their Gold Membership (this is a three year limited membership). The Gold Package Membership sells for $1495 and the lifetime Platinum Membership sells for $3000.

The other arm of Global Resorts Network is Gold Crown Resort, a reputable leader in the travel industry. They typically buy excess inventory of resort accommodations from around the world ranging from prices of $300-$800. As a Global Resorts Network Platinum member you will have instant access to these resort packages which are deeply discounted from their regular typical book price.

Many of these opportunities from Global Resorts Network through their Gold Crown Resort accommodations are available on short-term notice allowing members to get away quickly at a greatly reduced price. These remarkable deals are available to you as a member throughout the year. You can choose as many packages as you desire.

But taking great trips to luxury resorts throughout the world is only half of what Global Resorts Network is all about. Every member that becomes an affiliate representative has the ability to sell memberships for GRN. There commission schedule for selling memberships is simple.

For each platinum membership you sell as an affiliate rep for Global Resorts Network will reward you with a commission of $1000 (with the exception of the first one, which will be at $500). For each gold membership (their three-year program) you will receive a $500 commission. You will also receive an additional commission for every membership sold by someone you brought into the program.

Global Resorts Network in Phoenix Arizona

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