Global Resorts Network Hotels – The Right Choice in Discount Luxury Rooms

Global Resorts Network Hotels

Have you ever wondered how so many people can stay at luxury resorts for long periods of time? As expensive as the rooms are you might think that a lot of people are paying a rate much less than what you are. If this was your thought, you would be absolutely right.

While many different travel clubs offer discounted prices at luxury resorts, only one offers very deep discounts allowing you to get travel prices much less than you ever paid before. Global Resorts Network Hotels has been in business since 2007 and offer huge discounts for their members. Because of the downward turn in the world economy, discounts are even deeper than ever been before.

While many hotel chains struggle to keep their business open and active, they offer Global Resorts Network Hotels huge blocks of rooms to be resold through their membership program. Because of their close ties to over 5000 travel destinations, GRN passes the savings on to their Platinum and Gold members. Many of these weekly and monthly deals are discounted up to 70% of their booking price, which is a huge savings on a small or large vacation package.

As an example of this phenomenal price savings, one recent traveling platinum member stayed in a two room suite on the island of Hawaii paying only $600 for one week, instead of the booking price of $3500. This was available to them because of the close relationship Global Resort Network has with hotel chains. It is a win-win for everyone because the traveler wants a good price and the hotel is in desperate need of filling their rooms.

Global Resorts Network Hotels leads the way in selling deeply discount travel packages. All it is required as you become either a lifetime member purchasing a platinum membership for a one-time fee, or a gold membership which last three years. There is no additional monthly fee to remain a member.

Now is the perfect opportunity to travel more receiving a greatly reduced price simply because so many hotels and resort chains are struggling with the economy. If you have ever dreamed of taking the trip of a lifetime, this is the year to do it. By becoming a member of the Global Resorts Network Hotels deep discount vacation program your money will go a lot farther by reducing the cost of great luxury living at high class III, four or five-star resorts.

Global Resorts Network Hotels

Patty Bender

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