To decide if Global Resorts Network is really the business for you, you should know all that there is to know about it. You never can be too sure about the businesses that exist on the internet, with the recent upsurge of fraudulent activities on the internet.

You should know that several claims have been made about Global Resorts Network’s legitimacy and other issues as well. These are indeed legitimate complains, and you deserve to know the truth. Well, here is the truth.

Global Resorts Network has a compromised plan for compensation that enables proficient affiliates to cut off their up line. If you earn $1,000 in commission, and then you discovered that you could earn $2,000 in commission instead, would that appeal to you to take the chance at it?

All you have to do to get that is to register a family member that does not live in the same home, or you set up a trust. Then you divert further sales to such a family member or trust. Your up line would be cut off and you begin to earn $2,000 per sale. In as much as this sounds great, you are actually not likely to gain for so long from whoever becomes successful with Global Resorts Network.

This process is referred to as “Stacking”. It is often listed in the terms and conditions of many network marketing companies. However, if you are caught, your contract is terminated immediately. Usually, these companies oversee the field monitoring infractions, using a distributor board; sadly Global Resorts Network did not.

There is also what is called “Carbon Copy Pro”. It is a monthly membership that is overpriced. It is set up to increase the income of principals without you making a sale or not. It has a limited life span just like the Reverse Funnel System, which it was designed after.

Only the big players like Mike Dillard, Mark Hoverson, Jay Kubasek and the rest of them enjoy this option. But before fresh affiliates start to enjoy this option, a new method will appear.

The Gold Crown Resort membership which is a product of Global Resorts Network is witnessing formidable competition from several travel and resort options. This tells you that the travel industry business is a very viable one, as many players are switching to this industry.

The recession also affected Global Resorts Network, so its sales have diminished since then. New travel and resort options have surfaced that give rates that are more affordable to everyone.


Patty Bender

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