Getting Clear On Your Desired Result

Allow me to share a story on how one day not that long ago, I made a decision, had clear intention, took action as a result of that clear intention and whalla, achieved my desired result. Now this is a personal life story, but the principals can be applied to business or whatever you wish to achieve.

Here’s how the story goes…

Last night I was working on my pay per click campaigns when my pup, Jake, decided it was time for a walk. It had rained a little earlier and the humidity had lifted a bit so before heading back inside to my laptop, I decided to take a little break and sit on a park bench.

Jake became quickly interested in the bush behind my bench. As I turned to see what was  catching his attention, I jumped to my feet when I realized it was a snake.   Only this snake wasn’t moving because it was tangled in mesh that is used to cover our flower beds in the common area of our neighborhood.

Now I am not a fan of snakes, but this didn’t seem fair to the snake. I am adverse to suffering even for snakes. My husband identified the snake as a black snake, which if you know anything about snakes…they are the good one’s. They take care of human nuisances like rodents, mosquitoes, and even poisonous snakes…yay!

I suddenly had clear intention (crystal clear desire) on helping this snake!

Have you ever wanted something so badly that nothing will get in your way of making it happen…Hmmm…

My husband pulled on the mesh to survey the situation and let me tell you, this snake was not happy and very tangled in this mesh would be an understatement. You will see by the amateur video clip shortly.

I took a shot in the dark and texted a friend in the neighborhood who ironically, came to the rescue. He showed up with his clippers, but he really needed a brave soul to hold the snake’s head so he could cut the mesh from it’s body.

He wasn’t interested in holding it’s head and my husband wasn’t jumping to the front of the line either.

Desperate to save the snake, I quickly went on our town’s website and emailed the fire department. They were not too quick to respond and this couldn’t wait until morning because the snake would likely be dead by then.

Remember clear intention and desire was driving me, so next I called the director of our local animal shelter and he suggested contacting the police chief who is animal friendly. The chief was off duty. Requesting an officer on duty, I then began my sob story for this snake.

With snakes being just slightly out of their jurisdiction, they were reluctant to help.  That didn’t stop me from pressing on and insisting they help out.

Two squad cars and two officers showed up to help hold the snake while my good friend, Matt, did the cutting.

Take a look:

Indeed a happy ending for the snake!

Now if you think this story is about a snake…you may have missed the point!

Remember, make a decision, get clear on your intention with an unstoppable desire to not only achieve the desired result, but you can visualize the desired result like it is already done.  If you can see it, you can achieve it!  An old saying, but so true.

What is your desired result?…Follow the steps below:

1. Determine your desired outcome

2. Make a decision to start

3. Get crystal clear on your intention to achieve

4. Have an unstoppable desire to see it through

5. Set action plan in motion

6. Achieve your desired outcome!

Patty Bender

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