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Is a scam? Before you conclude anything, you must at least, give it a shot and find out everything that you can about the website and its program. It may be dragging in the beginning because you need to finish the 20-minute introductory spiel to grasp its concept and what it wants you to do and achieve.

The website,, presents an enticing offer and it uses the slogan, Magnetic Money Miracle. The scheme that it implements is known as BUPRI or Big Up-front Profits and Residual Income. If you are going to decide to sign up, your income is going to depend on your team’s performance.

Your team is going to do your best in implementing the cash gifting scheme. You will be guided by your mentor, whom in this case is Charles Marshall. The latter will work hand in hand with all of you to help you all succeed in the venture. The process is not simple and you need to work hard if you want to earn more.

To get started, you have to listen to the 20-minute recording and wait in line to be able to speak with Marshall. He is going to make things clearer about what to do and how you can earn more from the venture. You can ask him about the things that are still unclear to you before you commit to the deal. Summary

In the end, it is still going to depend on your personal choice and discretion if the program that presents is worth its price. Make sure that you weigh things out before you agree to commit to it.

Patty Bender

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