What is the difference between a member & an affiliate?

A member is someone who has purchased either the GRN Gold (3 year $1495) or Platinum (lifetime $2995) Resort Membership. An affiliate is a member who participates in the marketing and compensation program of GRN.

Most affiliates recognize the incredible value in the lifetime membership and are a Platinum Resort Member. It is far easier to promote something you use and believe in yourself.

How much will my total initial cost be?

It depends. There is an annual cost of $100 for a website and back office GRN support. Then you decide which of the two memberships, Gold at $1495 or Platinum $2995, you would like to purchase. The initial startup would be $1595 ($1495 Gold + $100 affiliate website) or $3095 ($2995 Platinum + $100 affiliate website), respectively.

Do I need to have my own website?

You will have the option to utilize many ready-to-use team marketing sites tailored to feature you. I have a resource for a specialist who will build you a website for a very low cost to help you with some of the key components when marketing online and help you be ready to advertise and bring in money quickly.

Do I need online marketing experience or skill?

No. We will teach you what works most effectively. I was a total rookie with nothing but email experience, so anyone can learn this stuff. However, in order to be the most successful you must be willing to LEARN and APPLY what you learn. Walking in the Footsteps of those of us who are successful will ensure your success.

What equipment will I need in order to get started?

It would be best if you have a laptop or desktop computer with high speed internet access. Even though we do some off line advertising, this advertising is always focused on driving traffic to an opt-in landing page. I would also recommend you have a cell phone.

I would hate for you to loose a good potential business partner simply because someone couldn’t get in touch with you.

How many hours realistically will I need to spend each week building my business?

The beauty of this business is, you get to decide. I have built my business around other businesses we own and enjoy doing so from the comfort of my own home. I would only promote this business if it gave everyone, including the stay at home mother & homemaker, who may only have a few hours during the day while her kids are at school, and the busy full-time professional who can squeeze in an hour or two now and then to get this going, the same opportunity to succeed.

In either case, I am confident anyone with a focused effort can build a six figure income with a part-time effort. The secret is automation and I will teach you how to do that.

How much total money should I have for marketing / advertising?

I recommend at least $500 ($1,000 is better) to begin your marketing within your first month. It’s not the amount that matters most, it’s the wisdom you gain as a marketer. Your income will grow in proportion to your skill sets and personal development. $2,000 is ideal and we’ll get you started with pay per click slowly and monitor it.

What kind of training is available?

1) One on One coaching weekly with me personally at no charge.
2) Free Access to private team training site, www.grnthefreedomteam.com.
3) Free Access to my private team training calls/webinars.
4) 7 Figure Training for serious players at www.HoversonCoachingAdvantage.com.

Sneak Peek if you want….

Am I able to transfer to your team if I already joined with someone else in Global Resorts?

Unfortunately, I am contacted by people├é who joined with other teams in Global, only to find themselves with little true support. To transfer, you must get your upline and their upline’s permission, plus Global’s permission, plus mine. Most upline’s are good, I ONLY recommend it as a LAST ditch effort to save your business. I will tell you to get with your sponsor and work out your differences as a first choice.

If that doesn’t work, I charge a $300 transfer fee for my time and coaching and it’s a gesture of good faith on your part that you’re willing to work. Again, I’m looking for the committed and serious players in entrepreneurship. I only have so many hours a day and I need to make sure I’m spending them with the right people.

Do you have people in place who can assist me with my computer skills? I’m not very good on the computer.

Almost nobody is good at the computer when they start. We have coaches who, for about $100, can work with you and help you build your website.\

Why this team?

This Team is one of the fastest growing teams in the GRN community. I am the founder of this team, and I am not just training internet marketers. I also coach leaders. That means I know how to really lead people to their full potential as leaders. If you want to become a leader in the network marketing industry (which is where serious wealth is created), I am the one you want to work with.