Eric Bechtold – MLM Wizard?

eric bechtold

eric bechtold

Eric Bechtold had been touted as the ultimate MLM wizard by those who admire him. On the opposite end, he was also called unflattering names, especially by those who thought he did them wrong.

From the pieces of stories about him, his business and his personal styles, it is still unclear to pin down the real Eric Bechtold.

Like all the other charismatic businessmen before him, he was enigmatic in the sense that he was so successful and yet earned the same number of vilifying and derogatory terms.

From the stories, Bechtold was said to make big promises but is deficient in delivering them. He was able to establish his own MLM outfit and was persuading people to join him in consideration of some really hefty sums of money.

It was alleged that for the handsome fee of $1000 to $1,500, he promises to do a lot of marketing to get people to sign up in his downline in the MLM hierarchy. What is strange is that you first must spend money to become an MLM affiliate under him or his downline in MLM parlance.

Expensive Investments
To enjoy his good graces, one must fork over to him a monthly fee of $59. To be fair, he did execute all his marketing pledges – marketing the MLM you sign up for through postcards and magazine ads.

The MLM companies he services are legitimate. The only complaint is that they are all very expensive to join. In addition, some of his marketing tactics have been found to be unsuccessful. Later, people tend to disassociate themselves from him. Is Eric Bechtold a marketing wizard or a scammer?

Patty Bender

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  1. Wow,
    I like how you seamlessly and shamelessly use someonelse’s name as keyword to make search engines traffic sent to your site to get people to sign up for your offer “free MLM info” … by the way I have yet to see any mlm or money making opportunity offer that is free to get involved – lets call a spade a spade.

    Nicely done, I wonder if Eric Bechtold would approve of your comments? I know he has a team of attorneys on people who try to ride in on his hard work or cash in on his name.


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