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Ten years and seventeen million articles in two hundred fifty languages later, Wikipedia is still growing and ranks constantly among the top websites people visit. And for this reason alone, many business owners use the site as a way to promote their business as well as themselves. Finding a particular Entrepreneur Wikipedia is almost a sure thing, but is being in Wikipedia a good thing?

In a recent survey done on Wikipedia, which has reigned over all other web based encyclopedias for some time now, results showed that as of the middle of 2010, the number of Americans aged 18 and above that uses the site has risen to 42%, almost half the adult population of the country. Worldwide, the number of users has risen by a shade over 10%.

Now, those statistics only mean one thing, there are hundreds of millions of browsers that visit Wikipedia and there is a good chance that they may see your Wikipedia article. From a marketer’s point of view, this is a good thing. Your reaching numerous potential clients and this means lead generation. But not all of those browsers are prospective customers; some of them can be people out to ruin your reputation or to vandalize your article. And with Entrepreneur Wikipedia being a collaborative site, anyone can register an anonymous account and edit an article.

This means that you have to check out your Entrepreneur Wikipedia entry from time to time. That though may just be a minor hassle. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, and if you do finally decided to have your own entry, then here are some reminders for you.

First, despite the lax rules and policies of Wikipedia, its best to familiarize yourself with them before submitting your entry so that you won’t have any issues later on. This will save you the trouble and any other complications and its consequences.

Next, get a third party to write your entry. It’s better to have an objective point of view writing the entry, otherwise your perspective will reflect highly on your writing and this can catch the eye of a Wikipedia editor and cause its removal.

Always stay neutral. An entry that reeks of marketing and promotion is bound to be tagged with a red flag, which means a conflict of interest with the site’s policies and guidelines.

And once again, safeguard your Wikipedia entry from vandalism and sabotage. Its very easy to edit an article and you may soon have a negative entry about you.

Patty Bender

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