DownlineForLife – Setting Up To Pay

DownlineForLife may look ordinary, but it can be your guide to an extraordinary journey to a better life because of a good job. The page is simple: a man and his dog are talking to the reader, claiming he makes $9,800 a month from his downline of over 10,000 people. You be the judge.

The Process is a landing page of the website, At the top, a phone number is listed prominently which you can call at anytime. If you fill in the form, you agree to receive a phone call from the company.

At, you are offered the opportunity of the different ways of making money online. One is paying you to view emails. The second is being paid just by visiting websites. The third opportunity is to participate and sign up for a referral program that resembles multi-level marketing.

Once you fill in your email, you are asked to check your email box so that you can activate your membership with You need to click on the link they sent you so that you will be brought to a page where you will set up your account.

Choose your username and your password. After which, you can then enter your name and address and choosing up to ten different categories that you like.

In effect, DownlineForLife is the stepping stone to Here, you are offered several ventures you can choose. (You can sign up for free, even if they do have paid membership options.)

You should consider doing your own due diligence and get to know your future company thoroughly. It is your money and common sense that dictates what business you are getting into. All of this happens when you enter DownlineForLife.

Patty Bender

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