DollarDays Scam – An Empty Allegation

What Is DollarDays Scam?

DollarDays scam is one of the leading online wholesalers selling discounted goods to retailers from all over. The site is primarily a purchasing point for buyers of wholesale merchandise.

To access the site’s extensive database of products, you must register first, which is free. Where other wholesale companies require buyers to order by the truckload to avail of the steep discounts, DollarDays scam requires only a case, perhaps, and with the same discounted price.

Other Services
Unlike most other distributors, DollarDays scam offers to its customers, the small business retailers, the chance to travel to where they will set up their actual brick-and-mortar stores. This is part of their services where they extend their expertise in exchange for the opportunity of selling DollarDays products in these stores.

The second option is being a part of the affiliate network and having the opportunity to put in a banner in your store’s website. The buyers who access and actually buy something there can make you around 5% of their net purchases for six months.

More Technical Expertise
DollarDays scam can set up and build your own website for an annual fee of $99 and a recurring $15.95 monthly fee. Your site, designed by DollarDays, will have your own company’s name.

Your 5% commission ($0 to $124,999) can also be upgraded according to your sales and can go as high as 15% on all net sales at $4,000,000 and up.

The final variation of the set up costs $199 and involves stocking your site with products other than those purchased at DollarDays scam. The best thing is that you run your site exactly how you want to with DollarDays’ help.

Patty Bender

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