DollarDays Offers More Benefits

What Is DollarDays?

DollarDays leads the others by offering warehouse prices of their competitive wholesale products, with the small entrepreneurs enjoying the same price as the big ones. The main difference and added advantage is that the small guy need not purchase by the truckloads like the big guys.

The other good news is that DollarDays help the small entrepreneurs make additional money by way of their services. The following are three additional options they offer to their customers.

Affiliate company
Customers are handed a banner ad through the affiliate company, Linkshare, which they can post on their sites. This is to help their customer-entrepreneur earn commissions for products bought through the link.

This is an easy way to generate income with the added bonus of very little work needed from the customer-entrepreneur as the affiliate.

For a fee of $99, you can join DollarDays distributor program. You will get a website, and you can customize this with your own company name and logo. You can choose the products to sell (and their respective prices, of course).

In turn, DollarDays will host your site and your only job is the advertisement and the marketing side to the partnership. Your work is to simply draw traffic into your own site.

eCommerce Store
Your third option is the eCommerce store. This will only cost you $199, and has an added three months of free web hosting. DollarDays will do the setting up and the installation process.

You will have the tools installed for you to process online payments as well as other customer support systems. This is different from the second option because here you can carry other products you have other than those of DollarDays.

Patty Bender

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