DollarDays.Com Scam: Scam Or Plain Business?

Is Scam legit?

With the number of years it had been in the business, DollarDays had already earned the reputation as one of the more innovative online wholesale distributors. Normally, one buys products by large cases or lots in order to avail of the discount given by wholesale vendors on volume buys. ups the ante in wholesale purchases for its other set of customers but does DollarDays.Com scam people?

These are the small-time retailers, and those individuals who re-sell their products on eBay. With them, DollarDays allows them the privilege of availing the deep discount normally given to large-scale buyers (truckloads) even if they only purchase single cases or smaller items.

Offers offers their buyers – small and big-time customers – a wide variety of thousand of products that run the gamut of pencils to high-end electronic equipment. Moreover, they give the buyer a program called Profit Genie. This is according to DollarDays.Com Scam review.

Profit Genie assists customers in calculating their costs of goods sold, their profit margins, and gives out suggestions on re-selling prices. Profit Genie is downloadable free of charge.

One of the most concrete examples of DollarDays’ helping their customers is their allowance of small retailers to buy at a discount even if their purchases are in singles, or only some few cases. These discounts are the same as those given to bulk buyers who purchase merchandise from the company by the truckloads.

Somehow, the most important consideration in these transactions is understanding the shipping charges involved from the moment the merchandise is moved out of to the charges as the goods are shipped to the online customers. That way you will not be part of DollarDays.Com Scam.

Patty Bender

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