Day 7

“The Simple Path to Generating Income Online Using The F.A.S.T Income System”

Here is how my team has made it duplicatable through our Internet Income University, F.A.S.T Income Plan:

  • MISSION: You’ve got to have a mission that puts the success of others first. Our goal is to help people get on track to producing income online on autopilot.
  • INDUSTRY: Online Internet Marketing. No other business model offers so much potential with so few barriers to entry (like start-up costs).
  • PRODUCTS: The long term profitability and viability of any company will be determined by the actual value of the products being sold. 40% of the products promoted by Internet Income University are sold to product customers only, i.e. people not looking for a business opportunity.If the product(s) being marketed won’t stand on their own, in other words if no one would buy them without the money-making incentive, then they’re not the right products.
  • MENTOR: Find a mentor. Someone you can trust. Someone who has a system. Someone who already has the results you’re looking for. This has to be someone who is willing to listen to your needs and actually cares about your success. He/she must also have a financial interest in your success.
  • MARKETING: Use an Attraction Marketing system like ours that does the sorting, selling, training, and follow-up for you. This system must not only attract (right keywords, ads etc) the right type of person (entrepreneur vs get-rich-quick loser), but be able to present the information in such a way that is clear, concise, to the point and not full of hype fluff or crazy promises. Then figure out how to get 100-200 QUALITY targeted prospects into your marketing pipeline EACH week. (Remember, there are close to a million people looking for businesses every week and 79 million Americans plan to start their own business in the next 3-5 years!)
  • TRAINING: Make sure you have access to one-on-one, and group training designed to dramatically shorten your earning curve and reduce the number of variables that come with “trial and error”. Our system is designed to “share” the knowledge and experience with EVERY member.
  • SUPPORT: Unparalleled support is mandatory. All of my consultants get Team support in case they cannot reach me and EVERYONE in Internet Income University  is highly motivated to help you reach the level of financial prosperity that you want because we’re compensated extremely well in order to ensure that you do!

*This concludes your 7-day email series, So Go to Internet Income University Now and Check Out The F.A.S.T. Income Plan. It’s definitely been my pleasure, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your application come in. Once you submit your application, you’ll immediately hear from one of our business coaches who will help to get your questions answered.

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