Day 4

“How To Use The Power Of Attraction Marketing”

Amateurs are easy to spot…

They’re the ones wearing buttons to the grocery store, pitching their work buddies on some
new product or get-rich-quick scheme, and inviting people over to their homes for a “meeting”.

Amateurs sell.

On the other hand, professionals, work smarter and they leverage their efforts through marketing.

Professionals market.

You see, “marketing” is king. If you don’t believe me, let me prove it to you…

Let’s say that you have the chance to market what you think is the best new product in the
world, so you have the company ship $20,000 of it to your front door.

Well guess what...

It’s just going to sit there. You ever hear those crazy stories about Amway guys who had garages
full of boxes of products bursting at the seams? Well that happens because products don’t
sell themselves. Marketing does.

The entire marketing process can be summed up in three simple steps…

Step #1: Build a prospect list. This is a list of the people who respond to your advertisements,
signaling to you that they have an interest in what you offer.

(By the way, NEVER waste your time trying to “convince” people that they need what you have).

Step #2: Build a relationship with your list. People buy from those they like, respect, and trust,
and it’s no different here. The best way to do that is to offer true, honest value.

Step #3: Market to your list. This is when you market products and services that will help the
people on your list get what they want. Remember, this isn’t about you making money. It’s about
you serving others.

So those are the three primary steps to building a successful and profitable home business.

Now here’s the nice part… You can completely automate this process!

The biggest mistake newbies make is that they fail to leverage the power of marketing and advertising.
Can you believe that some spend hours a day putting signs on street corners and dropping business
cards in parking lots?

On the other hand, successful business owners in this industry (like us), utilize online advertising methods like pay-per-click, ezine advertising, and a host of other methods.

24 hours per day, 7 days a week, my little army of ads is out there doing all of the prospecting
work for me. I don’t bug my friends and family members. I don’t hand out business cards, and I don’t
waste my time calling low quality leads from lead vendors.

These tools ensure that my team and I always have a long line of people literally contacting us on
a daily basis about our business opportunities.

Now setting up these marketing pieces can involve a pretty big learning curve, but fortunately you
won’t have to go through that because some of the best marketers in the world are in Internet Income University
and we’ve done all of the leg-work for you. We have developed the F.A.S.T. Income Plan, a system for you to plug into and start to earn income now, we also developed a training system for you to use to develop and understand your own online marketing process one step at a time.

In fact, you’ll be able to start using the exact same marketing tools I do the very same day that you
turn the key and rev the engine on your new F.A.S.T. Income Plan business!

Now when it comes to advertising, it’s very important that you match your message to the person. You’ll
find that just about every other company out there only offers one or two “one-piece-fits-all”
marketing tools that are designed for a general audience.

That’s amateur hour.

At Internet Income University, we have different marketing tools which are suited to different types of people so
the effectiveness of your marketing efforts are MAXIMIZED.

What if you have trouble?…

That’s what I’m here for… plus, you’ll have access to Internet Income University training community, where you can
post your questions 24/7 and our team will eagerly answer your questions.

Now what’s better than that?

You see, we’re not really selling Internet Income University, we’re selling a solution to people’s problems.

Let me explain…

“People don’t buy a drill because they want a drill. They buy a drill because they want a hole.”

Well a home business is no different. People don’t WANT a home business, they want the BENEFITS that come
with a home business like time freedom and a larger income.

So there are my words of wisdom for you today. Until tomorrow…

Coming up next – Self Development Mindset: “How To Unlock The Secrets Behind Developing a Productive Mindset.”

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