CreateSpace Scam

CreateSpace Scam Truth or Rumor?

Out of all the alleged scams and rip-offs that plague the internet and the online market, none can be as absurd and silly as the CreateSpace scam. The fact that Amazon,com, only the world’s biggest online retailer, acquired the company in 2005, then known as Custom Flix, might be proof enough that CreateSpace is legit.

CreateSpace Business Model

Before officially joining the Amazon family, CreateSpace mainly dealt with on-demand DVDs, today, the company is a widely diverse Print on Demand or POD publishing company that has expanded to on demand books, audio CD’s, and of course, videos and films. The company is known as a free self-publishing service provider, this means that an author, musician, or artist, can use the free publishing resources found on the site and sell their finished work on the Amazon online platform. You would need to first sign up for a membership to avail of these resources.

Once signed up, a member can now go through the very simple process of publishing their work. The very user friendly CreateSpace website will lead you to a step by step process which would start with  choosing the  project that you wish to do, fill out the necessary online forms, upload your work, design your cover, and add the finishing touches. And that’s it, your work is now done and CreateSpace will send you a proof copy for your final approval before making it available on their online store.

CreateSpace Costs

While the CreateSpace free standard plan is more than enough for some, there are others that want to give their work more exposure with a wider audience, and to do this they need to upgrade to a Pro Plan which comes with a $39 fee along with an annual $5 product fee for each of your publications. The plan upgrade will allow you to expand your distribution network and sell your product with other retailers, distributors, dealers, bookstores, and other outlets. Plus, costs for printing author’s copies are lowered saving you money if you want to give away copies to promote your work. If you think you need some help in publishing your work, CreateSpace also offers publishing services for certain fees.

CreateSpace Origin

CreateSpace is the product of the merging of two companies, CustomFlix and BookSurge, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Both companies were launched with the same principle of providing an avenue for independent artists and writers to have their work distributed while retaining their rights over their work.

CreateSpace Scam Summary

Setting aside the free basic plan, CreateSpace scam still offers cheaper services as compared to their nearest competition. With easy to use and innovative publishing tools, along with the availability of professional help, which is remarkably not being aggressively pushed by the company, CreateSpace is a very viable option for independent publishers to get their works the distribution they have longed for. Remember though, CreateSpace is a self-publishing service, not a marketing service, you can’t expect your work to skyrocket just because you worked with them. You will still have to market and promote your own work.

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