Copywriting Music: Get Your Creative Juice Flowing

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If you do, then you know how frustrating it can get. This is a natural situation for any writer and it is caused by a variety of reasons. It can be due to stress, anxiety, a life changing experience, or any other. And when this happens, it can cause more problems to a copywriter especially if he is just beginning on a project, or almost being done with it. While there are many ways that experts suggest in beating this dilemma, one way of effectively churning up your creative juices is by listening to copywriting music.

Okay, that can be a bit eyebrow rising. Is there really copywriting music? Is someone writing down motivational lyrics for copywriters and setting them into songs? Well, of course not. But that might not be such a terrible idea. But that is not what is meant by copywriting music. It is motivational and inspirational too but not any particular music that was created especially for that purpose.

Copywriting music is personal in nature. It would depend on the copywriter and his or her preferences in music. It’s all about what relaxes you, what eliminates the cause of your writers block in the first place, and all about pumping up your spirit and giving you energy.

It’s not just about beating writer’s block too. Getting to work having your favorite type of music playing may increase your drive and enthusiasm. We all know how music can greatly influence a person’s character and can influence their mood. When you are writing with a clear mind, you can focus more in doing your work and think up different approaches which can make your copy better.

Many writers know that your emotions are greatly reflected on your work. If you’re troubled or uneasy, and you’re just forcing what you are writing, you may not realize it but your already subtly expressing your inner thoughts and feelings. Now, if you’re feeling melancholic at that time, and you’re doing a copy for a website that sells kid’s toys, or for a travel agent that books happy vacation packages, you may not be able to fully get content that will convey a happy message which can convince potential clients to do business with them, which is your ultimate goal and purpose in the first place. Set the mood with some happy copywriting music and make yourself feel that you’re on vacation yourself, you can invoke these feelings and show it in your work.

Patty Bender

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