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People have heard stories that some guy found out there was some money unclaimed under his name. The money might have been a huge amount or it was just pocket change, but regardless these stories of finding unclaimed cash brings some interest to them. Some people try to do their own searches and usually end up empty handed. This is where comes in. is a web service that searches a variety of databases, archives and portals to find out if your name has some unclaimed cash, property or other assets attached to it. By paying a fee of $11 you are given an unlimited access to use their search tools for a month. That payment is for having the capacity to search in all the states.

Normally, states have open record databases that allow you to do the search that is precisely doing for free. So why does charge for the search? For convenience. Instead of going through the different states individually, the web service gives their users access to states databases through a single search portal.

Joining like any opportunity is an investment not without risks. Of course, there will be a chance that you don’t have any unclaimed money or property. That is always a possibility. Nonetheless, you can take that risk and be a couple of dollars richer. Risks are part of any decisions that we take anyway. But, do your due diligence prior to joining any opportunity.

Patty Bender

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