Cabo San Lucas For The Cost Of A Microwave? Let Me Explain.

So I was talking with a lender friend the other day about the Global Resorts product and pay plan. He was pretty frustrated at the time with his current career in this economy and was considering making a change.

Now he and I have worked together for many, many years and he has taken exceptional care of my real estate clients. He and his wife are real estate clients too.

As we’re talking he reveals to me that he hasn’t had a vacation all year. Now I immediately scold him (lovingly, of course) for this and jump to his rescue with the GRN product.

He goes on to say how he would love to be lying on a beach some place warm and tropical.  But…they just remodeled their kitchen with all new stainless appliances. Hence, they spent their vacation money.

While he is talking I am pulling up our luxury resorts registry of over 5,000 resorts.  Knowing he was long overdue for a vacation and needed one quickly, I looked first in our Hot Weeks section…

I stopped him mid-sentence and said, “you can go to Cabo San Lucas for 8 days/7 nights  for only $398. He replied,”WHAT…you mean I can go to Cabo for the cost of our new microwave??”

Needless to say, he is taking a good look at our product! Knowing he can recoup the cost of the lifetime membership of $2,995 just through the vacation savings alone in just two vacations. He’s impressed with what Global Resorts has to offer he and his family.

Not to mention, he can already see himself making $1,000 commissions. I could see the excitement building as he went on to share how many people he knows that buy timeshares and how much they could save by buying a one-time fee, lifetime membership with Global Resorts instead.

If you’re considering Global Resorts Network for your family, you can make a $1,000 commission for every membership you sell whether it is to someone looking for a business opportunity or just looking to save money on vacation travel by simply paying a $100 annual affiliate fee.  That’s it, just $100 per year to have the opportunity to make unlimited $1,000 commissions.

The product value speaks for itself…and the pay plan is sweet too.

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Patty Bender

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