Business Success Checklist

Are you looking for a 2nd stream of income, or struggling with your current home based business? If so, then pay close attention because you’re about to…

“Discover The Exact Components Your Home Based Business Must Have If You Want To Avoid Being One Of The 97% Who Fail Miserably In This Industry in 2010!”

If you want to quit your job, work from home, and finally start living life on your own terms, then listen up…

FACT: Opportunities are a dime a dozen.

Good ones are hard to find.

And the reason they’re so hard to find is because:

  1. Times Change (Many opportunities were once good, but now aren’t. History is littered with the corpses of business opportunities gone bad.)
  2. They Don’t Work as Advertised (Advertising is often a poor reflection of reality. For example, both you and I know that nobody is going to make a million bucks working five minutes a day no matter WHAT anybody else claims.)
  3. Outright Fraud (Happens more often than you think. Does Bernie Madoff ring a bell?)

Here’s the thing:

If you’re looking for a good home business opportunity, you’re swimming in shark-infested waters. Especially in times like these when so many hard-working people are desperate for money and struggling to get by.

Shady business people KNOW they can take advantage of others in hard times.

It’s sad, but there are swindlers so bold and brazen they’ll steal the life savings from elderly folks in nursing homes. And if they’re that shameless, they certainly won’t show you any mercy.

But there’s someone even more dangerous and more difficult to catch than the outright fraudsters…

It’s the army of home business owners out there who are willing to claim you can make 100’s of thousands of dollars with their opportunity while they are failing miserably!

While it’s technically legal most of the time, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) definitely has their work cut out for them.

Regardless of legality, these ‘opportunities’ could have you Spinning Your Wheels for Years!

Or worse, spinning your wheels and believing that you’re actually going somewhere.

There’s nothing worse than investing your precious time, money, and energy into activities that don’t actually produce any results.

Yet plenty of people do. They stay with the same company for years, do everything they are told to do, still don’t turn a profit — but somehow keep believing they’ll make it big “any day now.”

So it begs a very important question…

How Do You Tell Which Home Based Business Will Create A Legitimate Secondary Income Stream (Or Even A Large Primary One), And Which Ones Will Eat Up Your Time, Money And Self-Esteem?

The first vital piece of knowledge you must grab a hold of is that you must evaluate two aspects of any Home Based Business:

1)The company – this primarily consists of the compensation plan and the products or service they are asking you to sell. This is often the part people are talking about when they refer to the ‘opportunity’ or the ‘program’.

2)The Marketing System – this is the process they expect you to follow when selling the product or service.

Within each of these areas, there are specific criteria you need to make sure are there, or you will be setting yourself up for spinning your wheels, and ultimately, failure.

Let’s Take A Look At The ‘Must Haves’ For The

Company First…

Criteria #1: Gives You the Chance to Benefit from Explosive Growth.

Many people have been lured in by the phrase “ground floor opportunity”, or ”pre-launch phase” as if that’s the best thing you could ever find.

In their minds they think they have their hands on the next Google or Microsoft.

I would disagree.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most companies fail, so if an opportunity really is “ground floor,” then there’s no track record yet and the chances for failure are much greater than the chances for explosion.

What that means is you might be getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity that’s…

Going Nowhere!

Criteria #2: No ‘Selling’ Required.

Most opportunities require that you sell their “latest and greatest” product. It may help you lose weight or live to the ripe old age of 107, but anything that requires a 1-hour sales presentation just to get a few people interested is setting you up for trouble.


Because to be successful in most home businesses you are going to need to be able to duplicate, and even if you can sell the super-complicated product, most of the people on your team can’t.

Which ultimately means it won’t get you the lifestyle you want.

Not to mention, if you’re constantly doing sales presentations, when are you going to have time to do what you really want to do? And what happens when you stop doing sales presentations?


You stop and your income stops. (Sounds a lot like a job.)

This also relates directly to the next criteria…

Criteria #3: Doesn’t Require People to Change Their Buying Habits.

The vast majority of home business opportunities require you to sell a product you’ve never purchased before – and more importantly – a product you probably wouldn’t purchase if it didn’t come with the opportunity to make some money.

This is a problem because buying habits are extremely difficult to change.

Chances are, you buy a particular brand of soap every time you go to the store. What if I told you about a new soap that:

  • *Costs twice as much…
  • *Was only available online…
  • *And came only in packages of 50 bars.
  • *Oh, and you have to pay shipping, too.

It would be pretty hard to get you to buy that soap even if I swore up and down how much cleaner you would get and how much longer it would last.

Truthfully, the only reason most of these people buy it is because they’re hoping they can get other people to buy it, so they can earn a commission. (Translation: People aren’t really buying soap… they’re buying the opportunity.)

Bottom line: if your home business opportunity requires people to change their buying habits, you’ll find it much more difficult to find and keep new business partners AND it ends up being a nightmare trying to sell enough product to make any money.

Here’s a much better approach: Find an opportunity that taps into money that people are already spending… on the products or services they’re already buying… and in the places they’re already purchasing them.

Those Three Things Are Vital.  If An Opportunity Has The First Two, That’s Still Good.  But If You Can Find All Three, You’ve Got A Real Winner!

Why? It might sound crazy, but human beings are creatures of habit and we get as used to the places we purchase the products and services we use.

This is also closely related to the next critical criteria…

Criteria #4: Doesn’t Require You to Sell an Overpriced Product or service.

Are most of the products sold in home businesses outstanding? Yes. Worthy of a premium price? Yep. But try explaining that to your brother-in-law or your friends at work.

Chances are your pitch will go over like a lead balloon.

Many home businesses sell expensive products because it’s the only way they can afford to make money and pay their reps. Unfortunately, what the company needs… and what your customers want… are two totally different things.

You may try to convince your prospects that your product’s prices are about the same as what you’d find in a store, but most folks know better. And they’re not going to buy it.

On the other hand, if you can find an opportunity that sells the products or Services people already buy at around or less than the prices they are used to seeing, you’re going to be positioned much better.

Ok, next up…

Criteria #5: Doesn’t Depend Solely on Your Warm Market.

Can you really afford to bug your friends and family about yet another “great opportunity” you’ve found?

Fact: If your success in a home business depends highly on your ability to convert your friends and family, then you could be in big trouble.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing an opportunity with your friends and family, but the reality for most people is that most of them aren’t interested or qualified.

Yep, they’re not qualified.

If you stop and think about it, it takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur, and the reality is most people aren’t cut out for it like you are.

Here’s another way to think about it – what if you run through the list of your top 100 friends and family and no one is interested?

And then what do you do if your ‘coach’ and the company tell you that you should be able to earn a solid income from the people on your warm list who get started?

Answer – you’re staring failure in the face (after you told them all you were going to make it big…OUCH!)


…you have a way to attract a consistent stream of qualified leads – people who are already looking for an opportunity. That way, you’re not chasing them… they’re chasing YOU!

More on that when we get to the criteria for the marketing system, but now let’s talk about…

Criteria #6: Compensation Plan Gives You An Opportunity To Earn Money Immediately

This one is key.

As you get more successful at attracting business partners, a firm dose of reality will set in…most people get started with great intentions, but never do a darn thing.

That’s the beauty and the curse of the home business industry – you can’t make people do a thing. They are their own boss.

However, you definitely feel more of the curse when you spend a lot of time and effort getting people started and so few of them do anything!

That reality isn’t going to change as long as people are people, but there is a way around it, and there are two keys to doing so (you definitely need both):

  1. Find a company in which most people who join your team also buy the product so you are making money almost every time someone gets started on your team regardless of whether they end up doing anything.(I’m not talking $100 either. It should be at least $500 so it is worth the effort of getting people started)
  2. Leverage a system that allows you to go through enough numbers that you get more people started without having to do increasing amounts of work (called “scaling”).A good system will allow you to get more and higher quality people started which means it will take a lot less time to find the right business partners who will put effort in and be successful. (don’t worry, we’ll detail what a good system looks like next)

Ok, those are your main ‘must haves’ when it comes to evaluating a company to partner up with.

Now let’s look at…

The Factor That Causes 97% Of Home Business Owners To Fail…Even If They Have A Fabulous Product Or Service

I’m talking about the marketing system

What surprises most people is just how important the marketing system is to their success.

Let me put it this way – you can succeed with an average (or even below average) product. You will NEVER succeed with an average or below average marketing system.

In the simplest terms I can come up with, here’s what I mean…

Bad Marketing System + GREAT Opportunity = FAILURE!

Average Marketing System + Average Opportunity = FAILURE!

Good Marketing System + Average Opportunity = SUCCESS!

Good Marketing System + Good Opportunity = SUCCESS!

Bottom line: The marketing system is the lynchpin in all the genuinely good home based business opportunities.  Pull it out and everything falls apart.

One Of The Most Common Rookie Mistakes Is To Spend Loads Of Time Studying Products And Compensation Plans And Think That Once You Find The Right One It Will Just “Sell Itself.”

Allow me to be blunt – it never happens.

In fact, the average home business owner could have the cure for cancer delivered to the front yard and they wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it except mention it to their friends and family.


Because most systems teach their reps to ‘market’ their business with methods like these…

  • *Host embarrassing parties where you sell to your family and friends
  • *Attend time-consuming hotel meetings week-in and week-out
  • *Buy endless leads and cold call till you feel so beat up you never want to look at a phone again
  • *Chase down complete strangers in the mall so you can see if they want to make money
  • *Put flyers on cars in parking lots
  • *Humiliate yourself by pitching friends and family on your ‘opportunity’
  • *Etc, etc

With that in mind, let’s look at…

The Critical Components Your Marketing System Absolutely Must Have…

(Ignore These At Your Own Peril)

Key Marketing Component #1:

Marketing Funnel That Automates The Parts Of Your Business That Aren’t Fun And Don’t Make You Money.

Normally, the process for selling a product or finding a qualified business partner looks like this:

  1. Buy Leads,  generate Leads or meet strangers
  2. Call leads to see if they are open to hearing about the product or business
  3. Show people the business plan and/or explain the products
  4. Answer question
  5. Follow up a few days later
  6. Answer more questions
  7. Hopefully make the sale or get a new business partner

Yes, all these steps are necessary, but if you really think about it, that’s a lot of time and emotional energy put in before you even sell a product or a new partner joins your business team.

(Not to mention, you don’t actually get paid until the last step…if you make the sale!)

As a successful entrepreneur, you need to focus your time and efforts where you’re getting paid.

A good marketing system will have a ‘pipeline’ set up that automatically walks your prospects through each step of the process without your direct involvement.

Bottom line: You don’t spend your time selling, telling, and explaining because the system does it better than you can and it’s WAAAYY more efficient.

And quite possibly the best part of using a system like this is it makes it so you’re no longer required to chase people down…they come to you.

Of course, this leads us to an obvious question: How do you get prospects into the ‘pipeline’ in the first place?

Key Marketing Component #2:

Step-by-Step Training On How To Generate Targeted Traffic Quickly, Easily, and Cost-Effectively.

Once you have a tested and proven marketing pipeline in place, you need traffic.

“Traffic” is just a fancy word for real people who visit your web site. And frankly, learning how to get traffic is really hard without the right system of learning.

There are literally hundreds of marketing tutorials and so-called “systems” for generating traffic, and I can tell you with great certainty… if you don’t already know how to generate traffic online, you’ll drown in information overload!

Sifting through all the bad information out there can take you years.

Furthermore, without instructions that explicitly tell you what to do first, second, third, etc., you will continue to struggle.


Because knowing the right things to do is not enough; you have to know the right things to do, AND the right order to do them in.

Many of the traffic generation “systems” use the “shotgun approach”. They give you a whole bunch of methods all at once, then leave it up to you to pick and choose what to do and in what order. This leads to confusion, being overwhelmed, and… procrastination.

A far better approach would be a marketing system that:

  1. Teaches you methods ” Step by Step” for generating traffic by providing a master marketing plan using action plans.
  2. Lets you actually use that method.
  3. Tests your mastery of that method by providing  a method of self evaluation.
  4. Then — and only then — teaches you the next method for generating traffic.

This is also very important because even if you are an internet marketing and computer whiz, the majority of the people on your team will not be, which means proper training is the key to you duplicating by helping them.

Which leads us to component #3…

Key Marketing Component #3:

Continuously Updated Traffic Generation Training.

Traffic generation methods change all the time.

For instance, a few short years ago you could open a Google Adwords account and start advertising online for a few pennies a click. If you screwed up, no big deal. You only wasted a few dollars.

Today, you’re looking at paying 50 cents, a dollar, even $5 or more for a single click. If you mess up even a little bit, you’ll be screwed out of hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

(Anybody who’s been marketing for very long has heard of somebody who turned on a Google Adwords campaign, went to sleep, and woke up to a bill of $3,000 or more – not a good way to start the day, if you ask me.)

Remember: If you don’t stay on top of the changes of how to drive traffic online, you could very quickly find yourself spending thousands of dollars a month with nothing to show for it. Or you may find that a rich source of traffic has completely dried up, leaving you with an empty marketing funnel (not good!).

What I’m trying to get at is this: what may have worked a few years ago – or even a few MONTHS ago – is often no longer relevant. Which is why it’s so important to always be current on what’s working TODAY.

An excellent marketing system will do that for you.

It will keep you on the cutting edge so you’re always using the most effective marketing and traffic generation techniques to fill your pipeline with hungry leads.

That’s obviously a very high level checklist, but if you can make sure the marketing system you use has those components, it will be worth its weight in gold!

“Now That I Know What To Look For, Does A Program Like That Even Exist?”

That’s a very legitimate question since nearly all the opportunities you’ve looked at probably fall short in several, if not nearly all, of those criteria.

Fortunately the answer is YES.

There is a program that has been around for a few years now which is really hitting its stride as we speak.

Members are currently…

  • Cashing in on explosive growth that’s already happening!
  • Taking advantage of the money people already spend, on services and  products they already buy.
  • Plugging into a proven fully integrated and automated online marketing and customer management system.
  • Capitalizing on cutting edge traffic generation techniques to keep their marketing funnel filled to the brim.
  • Making money without placing all their hopes in what happens when they talk to their family and friends.
  • Benefiting from new business partners even if they go on to do nothing.
  • Developing a healthy monthly income in 90 days or less (sometimes in less than 30 days)
  • Implementing marketing plans for variable budgets and levels of experience.

What’s most exciting is that we are currently looking for individuals who are qualified to join us in this remarkable marketing experience!

Naturally, with an opportunity and marketing system this powerful, we get a lot of interest. The catch is, we simply can’t work with everybody. More importantly, we don’t want to.

We focus our energy on people who are focused, self-motivated, and committed to their success. We want to work with people who are actively pursuing their dreams… people who understand that wealth is created through effort.

If you’re lazy or unmotivated, then please don’t waste our time or yours.

If, on the other hand, you’re focused, self-motivated, and committed to your success, then I invite you to Create Your Free Internet Income University Account.

This Could Be One Of The Most Powerful Wealth-Generating Systems Ever Created, …And Just FYI…Now Is NOT A Good Time To Procrastinate!

Are you committed to your success?

If the answer is yes, Create Your Free Internet Income University Account and we will show you how you can

  • Cash in on explosive growth that’s already happening!
  • Take advantage of the money people already spend, on services and  products they already buy.
  • Plug into a proven fully integrated and automated online marketing training  and customer management system.
  • Capitalize on cutting edge traffic generation techniques to keep your marketing funnel filled to the brim.
  • Make money without placing all your hopes in what happens when you talk to your family and friends.
  • Benefiting from new business partners even if they go on to do nothing.
  • Develop a healthy monthly income in 90 days or less (sometimes in less than 30 days)
  • Implement a marketing plan for your budget and your level of experience.

If you’re the type that’s not too serious…no big deal. Best of luck to you.

But if you are serious, I hope you’re ready to get very excited because after you see what you’ve got your hands on, you might not be able to sleep tonight!

Create Your Free Internet Income University Account Here.

To your success,

Patty Bender

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