Business Blogging & Credibility Go Hand-In-Hand

Do you REALLY need a blog to succeed online?

The short answer is no.  It isn’t necessary to make the big bucks. However…it will help you get more leads, more sales, and more moola. We all want that, right?

How does a blog do that?

A blog gives you credibility.  It shows you’re a player in the game (ie you’re serious), you’ve been around awhile, and will be around awhile longer.

In the fast-changing, impersonal online world, it shows prospects who you are and how to get a hold of you if they want to talk to a live body.

It’s also a central hub for you and your business.  It’s your online “store front.” All your content links should point people back here. Why, you ask?


Creating a blog and turning it into a “profit center” that builds your brand and your list is a very simple formula…but, it’s not always easy to figure out on your own.

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To Your Blogging Success!

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Patty Bender

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