Branding Through Video: A Powerful Tool

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If I ask you the number of articles you read in a week, the answer may not be satisfactory as in the hectic life of today no one has that much time and patience to go through such long articles. Most people like me would like to read the content which is related to their work or business. But, if I ask you the number of videos you have watched in the same duration, the number is definitely going to be more.

The reason behind this is very simple; visual images appeal more than the words. We like to see images and pictures and can willingly spend more time in watching a video than reading the same content. This goes on to say that videos have more potential than written content.
I dont mean to say that articles have no power or shouldnt be read. In fact they are an important tool for any business. But, the power of videos is far more than that and can be the best tool for you if you plan to brand yourself.

Let them see your face

When you open my website, you will see my picture the first thing. This makes my picture a part of my brand. People will have more confidence in my brand by listening to me in an interactive way and will remember it for long. I am able to present my expertise in a better way through video than writing. Here are some important tips for making it work effectively “

– Keep the video short and yet conveying the details
– Convince the people that you are there to help them
– Show such a lifestyle that people feel envious
– The video should be interesting and engaging

Now you know the reason of video branding being a more powerful tool than articles. You can see the difference yourself between a page having a video and a box for sign up and a page containing a long article. In the first page the video starts playing automatically giving information in an interesting and catchy style. You can tell the listeners about the possible gains and remind them not to forget to sign up. Whereas through an article you need to put in a lot of effort to word your article to convey your point and the reader too has to go through the entire content. Besides he doesnt feel connected as your face is not associated with the article.

The gist is that videos have more convincing power and their image retains in the viewers mind for very long. Hence it is wise to use this tool to make your brand popular everywhere.

Make Money Online And Get The Best Home Based Business Ideas Today.

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Patty Bender

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