Is Brainhost An Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting Solution?

An online business is only as good as its web hosting service provider. It doesn’t matter if you offer the best product or service, have an effective online marketing campaign, or a very appealing landing page, if your webhosting service is always experiencing downtime, or doesn’t offer innovations to make your ecommerce site competitive then all your efforts and investments will just go to waste.

Business Model

There are a vast number of web hosting service providers today and this number still continues to rise. Choosing which one to go with can be very difficult as each one has a particular edge over another. Despite this high level of competition, Brainhost has managed to become a strong and visible force in the web hosting industry and it has just been a little over a year since its establishment.

Brainhost’s edge over other web hosting service provider is its comprehensive line up of services that’s bundled with a wide array of freebies and service features. Aside from the usual collection of services that you may expect from a premier web hosting company, Brainhost also offers their subscribers an assortment of very useful tools, services, and features like their free website builder, free website transfer, and also a great number of online business software solutions.

Brainhost also offers an opportunity to make some money online with their affiliate program. As an affiliate, your job will be to promote the in-demand web services that the company offers and get subscribers to their service packages.

Brainhost Service Package Costs

This is another area where Brainhost shines above the rest. The web hosting company offers very affordable rates to their hosting packages and they give huge discounts for unlimited web hosting subscriptions. You can get half off the package price if you subscribe to a 48 month package at only $4.95 a month and for a 24 month package the monthly service fee is $6.95.

Notwithstanding the many bonus features and tools that Brainhost includes in their package, the value of their plans is increased even more with the freebies they give to their subscribers. Presently, Brainhost is giving away a free traffic and SEO package valued at $375 for new subscribers. They are also giving out more than $500 dollars’ worth of advertising credits to every client to help promote their website. Brainhost also doesn’t charge any fees for signing up with their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn as much as $175 for every sale that you make.


Brainhost is owned by Brain Host LLC and its company headquarters is located at 4000 Embassy Parkway, Suite 120 Akron Ohio 44333.

Summary of Brainhost

It’s easy to see why Brainhost has been receiving lots of attention. With their jam packed features, services, excellent customer support, and high reliability, they offer one of the top web hosting service packages in the market today. The myriad collection of unlimited hosting services available for competitive prices makes Brainhost a service provider to consider.

Patty Bender

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