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Weight Loss Meal Plan

Preparing Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

An effective weight loss meal plan can be described as realistic, consistent and simple. There are so many fad diets out there that promise you quick and long lasting results but the type of diet you really need should be one that you can stick to for years to come. The objective is to lose the excess weight and keep your ideal figure for the long term. It doesn’t require much to maintain the plan and have the body you’ve always wanted.

The Schedule of a Weight Loss Meal Plan

Start by creating a schedule as to when you need to eat. This should be very practical based on your lifestyle and occupation. Aim for 5 to 6 meals a day with 2 to 3-hour spaces in between. You can schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks in between. Check your daily caloric requirement then divided your total calories equally over the meals for the day. You might want to try protein shakes and nutrition bars during some periods where time is constrained. Also consider where you should eat the meals. Some people might be working in outdoor environments all the time, requiring pack lunches, while others can rely on a nearby restaurant or the cafeteria to get food.

The Type of Food for a Weight Loss Meal Plan

Carefully select the foods you need to eat for the day. A weight loss meal plan should provide you with sufficient essential nutrients but maintain its low calorie count. The idea of a successful weight loss program is to burn more calories than what you’re consuming. Individuals need to consume about 2 grams of carbohydrates, 0.75 to 1 gram of protein and 0.25 to 0.5 gram of fat for every pound they weigh. You can achieve this by selecting the proper foods like slow-digesting carbohydrates, low-fat protein sources like chicken or fish and eating more fruits, fiber and vegetables. It will also help to take a multivitamin every day to keep your immune system strong since you will be eating fewer calories than what you’re used to.

Changing the Weight Loss Meal Plan

Look for a number of low-fat but tasty recipes in books or on the internet to satisfy your taste buds. Dieting does not have to be difficult. You should consume food items that you can tolerate for the long term. Do not force yourself into very bland diets that will only provide short term results. Some people incorporate one cheat day a week or one cheat meal a day, wherein they get to eat one of their favorite things, like macaroni and cheese, ice cream or chocolate. For your cheat meals, still keep the calories to a minimum and eat just enough to satisfy your cravings. For your cheat day, you should carefully plan the food you need to eat. You can eat anything but try to keep the calorie count to 1,000 more than your actual requirement when you’re dieting.

The weight loss meal plan will differ between individuals since their needs and tolerance for food intake also differ. If you stay consistent in your meals, you will notice a big difference in just a few weeks or months.


Is Brainhost An Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting Solution?

An online business is only as good as its web hosting service provider. It doesn’t matter if you offer the best product or service, have an effective online marketing campaign, or a very appealing landing page, if your webhosting service is always experiencing downtime, or doesn’t offer innovations to make your ecommerce site competitive then all your efforts and investments will just go to waste.

Business Model

There are a vast number of web hosting service providers today and this number still continues to rise. Choosing which one to go with can be very difficult as each one has a particular edge over another. Despite this high level of competition, Brainhost has managed to become a strong and visible force in the web hosting industry and it has just been a little over a year since its establishment.

Brainhost’s edge over other web hosting service provider is its comprehensive line up of services that’s bundled with a wide array of freebies and service features. Aside from the usual collection of services that you may expect from a premier web hosting company, Brainhost also offers their subscribers an assortment of very useful tools, services, and features like their free website builder, free website transfer, and also a great number of online business software solutions.

Brainhost also offers an opportunity to make some money online with their affiliate program. As an affiliate, your job will be to promote the in-demand web services that the company offers and get subscribers to their service packages.

Brainhost Service Package Costs

This is another area where Brainhost shines above the rest. The web hosting company offers very affordable rates to their hosting packages and they give huge discounts for unlimited web hosting subscriptions. You can get half off the package price if you subscribe to a 48 month package at only $4.95 a month and for a 24 month package the monthly service fee is $6.95.

Notwithstanding the many bonus features and tools that Brainhost includes in their package, the value of their plans is increased even more with the freebies they give to their subscribers. Presently, Brainhost is giving away a free traffic and SEO package valued at $375 for new subscribers. They are also giving out more than $500 dollars’ worth of advertising credits to every client to help promote their website. Brainhost also doesn’t charge any fees for signing up with their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn as much as $175 for every sale that you make.


Brainhost is owned by Brain Host LLC and its company headquarters is located at 4000 Embassy Parkway, Suite 120 Akron Ohio 44333.

Summary of Brainhost

It’s easy to see why Brainhost has been receiving lots of attention. With their jam packed features, services, excellent customer support, and high reliability, they offer one of the top web hosting service packages in the market today. The myriad collection of unlimited hosting services available for competitive prices makes Brainhost a service provider to consider.


Reviewing the ProjectPayday System: Is It Really Viable for the Average Joe?

ProjectPayday has made the bold claim that they offer the opportunity to generate realistic extra income for the average Joe. Many of those that have tried and failed to make some money online know how difficult it is to earn some extra cash through the internet especially if you don’t know how to do some online marketing. But upon reviewing the ProjectPayday system, it seems that they might have hit the nail on the head and have devised one of the simplest ways for everyone and anyone to make some added income.

How Does ProjectPayday Work?

Basically, ProjectPayday has developed a revolutionary system which allows people to make extra cash off one of the most common advertising and promotion methods many businesses use today which offers incentives to consumers. As a member of the ProjectPayday you will be given the opportunity to learn, be trained, and be exposed to these offers and make money with it. This is referred to by many as Incentivized Freebie Trading and it is a legitimate online business opportunity featured in various respected and reputable websites.

Still not clear? Here is an example; Say an online business wanted to promote their website and decided to start an Incentivized Freebie program to do this. Their program offers a cash incentive for every person that gets 20 people to sign up with them. To avail yourself of the cash incentive, you get 20 people to sign up with the program. Let’s say the cash incentive was $1000, and each membership sign up costs $10, you could pay 20 people $20 each to sign up and make a cool $600 for yourself.

Getting Started with ProjectPayday

Signing up with ProjectPayday requires a one-time fee of $34.95 for their lifetime membership. If you’re lucky enough to avail of the sponsored promos that ProjectPayday features from time to time, which requires a person to sign up for a no-obligation trial program, you can get a free membership. With this membership, you will get their 65 page training guide, access to training videos, and a number of other support programs.

The amount of income that a person can make with ProjectPayday will depend on a number of things, including, the type of offers that are currently available and the offers a person actually participates in. So this basically means, it’s all up to you, the more offers you join or sign up for, the more money you might be able to make.


Not much has been shared about the core group which founded and owns ProjectPayday, and if you don’t become a member, you’re not likely to know much further. It might be that ProjectPayday values their privacy very much as they want to prevent people from abusing their system by divulging too much or maybe some other reasons. If you go to their website, there is only one name that you will see which represents the core leaders of the group, and that is Monika St. John.

ProjectPayday Verdict

Overall, ProjectPayday might live up to its claim as the online opportunity for the average Joe as it offers much flexibility in virtually all aspects of the system. Provided that a person is adept at following instructions and apply the methods taught in a smart way, he could possibly make some money with ProjectPayday.

CreateSpace Scam

CreateSpace Scam Truth or Rumor?

Out of all the alleged scams and rip-offs that plague the internet and the online market, none can be as absurd and silly as the CreateSpace scam. The fact that Amazon,com, only the world’s biggest online retailer, acquired the company in 2005, then known as Custom Flix, might be proof enough that CreateSpace is legit.

CreateSpace Business Model

Before officially joining the Amazon family, CreateSpace mainly dealt with on-demand DVDs, today, the company is a widely diverse Print on Demand or POD publishing company that has expanded to on demand books, audio CD’s, and of course, videos and films. The company is known as a free self-publishing service provider, this means that an author, musician, or artist, can use the free publishing resources found on the site and sell their finished work on the Amazon online platform. You would need to first sign up for a membership to avail of these resources.

Once signed up, a member can now go through the very simple process of publishing their work. The very user friendly CreateSpace website will lead you to a step by step process which would start with  choosing the  project that you wish to do, fill out the necessary online forms, upload your work, design your cover, and add the finishing touches. And that’s it, your work is now done and CreateSpace will send you a proof copy for your final approval before making it available on their online store.

CreateSpace Costs

While the CreateSpace free standard plan is more than enough for some, there are others that want to give their work more exposure with a wider audience, and to do this they need to upgrade to a Pro Plan which comes with a $39 fee along with an annual $5 product fee for each of your publications. The plan upgrade will allow you to expand your distribution network and sell your product with other retailers, distributors, dealers, bookstores, and other outlets. Plus, costs for printing author’s copies are lowered saving you money if you want to give away copies to promote your work. If you think you need some help in publishing your work, CreateSpace also offers publishing services for certain fees.

CreateSpace Origin

CreateSpace is the product of the merging of two companies, CustomFlix and BookSurge, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Amazon.com. Both companies were launched with the same principle of providing an avenue for independent artists and writers to have their work distributed while retaining their rights over their work.

CreateSpace Scam Summary

Setting aside the free basic plan, CreateSpace scam still offers cheaper services as compared to their nearest competition. With easy to use and innovative publishing tools, along with the availability of professional help, which is remarkably not being aggressively pushed by the company, CreateSpace is a very viable option for independent publishers to get their works the distribution they have longed for. Remember though, CreateSpace is a self-publishing service, not a marketing service, you can’t expect your work to skyrocket just because you worked with them. You will still have to market and promote your own work.

ProjectPayday Review

Are There Myths Surrounding the Company?

For those who have spent some considerable amount of time browsing the internet, especially those of which have been reading and researching about online money making opportunities, then ProjectPayday should be nothing new to you. Perhaps you’ve come across it or have read something about it in passing, or maybe someone has already tried to offer it to you. Here is a ProjectPayday review which can offer a good picture of what this online income opportunity is all about.

ProjectPayday Review the System

Basically, the ProjectPayday system is built around the highly popular referral program model used on the internet to promote online businesses. ProjectPayday offers a no out of pocket system contained in a sixty five page booklet which provides an in depth training for showing the ways and methods involved in how to make money with incentivized freebie websites or IFWs.

When you sign up with the ProjectPayday program, you will be given access to a list of web sites and forums where you will be able to find the promotions and programs set up by these IFWs.

How does it work? Well, you may have already seen incentivized freebie websites yourself, like the sites that offer free products and merchandises, and some even cash. By completing the requirements of a program, you can make yourself elegible for the incentive being offered and earn the payout.

For example, if a company is offering money for people that sign up with their site and get 20 others to sign up as well, then that person who is able to comply with the requirements will receive the money offered as an incentive. It’s that simple.

Cost of Signing up with ProjectPayday

As mentioned above, at the lowest level, there are no costs, ProjectPayday is totally free. All you have to do is sign up with them and you get the chance to avail of their program and make money by answering surveys and getting paid to sign up for IFW programs with their reps. But for those who want to make a better income potential with ProjectPayday, they can opt to become a representative of the company. Commonly, a lifetime membership would cost around $34.95, but recently, ProjectPayday has featured sponsored no-obligation offers where you can sign up for trial offers without any obligation to purchase and receive a free ProjectPayday membership. A word of caution some of the incentivized freebie websites will auto charge your credit card if you don’t cancell before the free trial period is over.

ProjectPayday Leadership

Perhaps the most visible name attached to the top ProjectPayday honcho is Monika St. John, one of the co-founders of the ProjectPayday program. Along with St. John is a group of seasoned experts with incentivized freebie websites which might help new ProjectPayday review members make money off the program.

ProjectPayday Review Conclusion

Considering the opportunities to earn an income without having to spend any initial capital, this could be a legitimate online income opportunity that won’t put a possible investor at high risks. The booklet offers so much insights and aid in maximizing the potential for making money off incentivized freebie websites and the presence of a solid training and support system could makes it an opportunity for every average Joe.