Assessing the Legitimacy of AlpineAccess

Is AlpineAccess a scam?

AlpineAccess offers people the opportunity to work from home by becoming customer care professionals. This is not a scam because there are a lot of people who have worked for this company and have benefited from the setup that the company offers.

Before you commit to the offer of AlpineAccess, you must first make sure that you fully understand its terms and conditions. This actually applies to any kind of endeavors that you may want to try. You have to be very certain that you can handle the workload that is going to be required of you and it must also be clear to you how you are going to earn in the process.

As a customer care professional at AlpineAccess, your role is to take calls from the company’s clients to answer their queries and provide solutions to their concerns. While at work, you will be connected to the customer support software of the main site through the internet. The company is strict about the level of noise in the work area of your choice. You may be working from home, but it requires that you choose an ambiance where your clients would not notice that you are not situated in a real office.

You will be asked for a fee for a screening test once AlpineAccess decides to hire you. You must also purchase your own USB headset and telephone headset. Working for the company can serve as your stepping stone and good training ground if you want to venture into other higher paying call center jobs, whether it be home or office based.

Patty Bender

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