Anything4Free.Com – Some Nice Freebies is a membership site established by Wesley Downey, an internet marketer. Wesley Downey’s original idea was to help people get free merchandise over the internet.

The mechanics of the setup is simple enough. Within the program, people need to work with different web sites that offer free products. But first, you have to meet certain requirements to qualify.

Some of the requirements are simple and easy. One popular version is trying on their products (and services) while at the same time referring others to do exactly the same.

Lately, is one of the many sites that are getting to be more popular online. The mechanics is simply to get the people together in order to help one another qualify and be awarded with free products.

These products are getting to be as varied as they are becoming more and more surprisingly desirable. Nowadays, they range from a free music CD to a large flat screen television set. (Mother companies of these products are only too happy to give them away as advertisement in kind. They might have been listed under advertising costs.)

As beginner-members, joining must start from the Forum area. Here, you are taken around as you start learning how to go about getting free things over at the site.

However, beginners usually are more interested in earning money than in getting the free merchandise. Beginners are also usually encouraged to visit the forum often enough, read the tutorials and start in the Beginners Trading Post.

At the Beginners Trading Post, you will see various posts from many people who would also want to help you succeed with the program. As you become familiar with the posts, you will begin to realize that these people are also willing to pay you for signing up with them.

The reason for this is their need to have you as their referral at other different sites and participating in some other offers. The goal is the same – they also want to receive some free merchandise. For a beginner, this place is a good starting area.

Technically, the merchandise people qualify for via Anything4Free is not actually free at all – if people continue paying others to sign up under them to complete other offers. For a small amount of incentive cash, you are potentially qualified to receive some expensive merchandise.

To date, still carries a decent reputation among those who participate in this type of program. It had been holding on its own, compared to the big ones out there. There had been some sporadic complaints on signing up for offers, but Anything4Free had ably kept its reputation intact.

Patty Bender

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