Anik Singal Scam: Scam Artist Or Success Story?

Extraordinary entrepreneurs, whether they shine in online businesses or outside of it, are typically extraordinary people as well. They might already have achieved bigger than what is ordinary, yet they still continue to work as if their lives depended on it. Most of them are also charitable and do not hesitate to share what they have. Anik Singal is such a man and he is not known for any Anik Singal scam.

Who is Anik Singal and why are they saying all those things about him? What did he do that earned him so much admiration as well as those unfounded denunciations?

Affiliate Classroom
Anik Singal is an affiliate training consultant teaching online skills as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) strategies and monetization of websites. He also runs the popular PPC Classroom and the Launch Tree sites to help marketers with advanced information on PPC advertising and product launches.

Mostly known for his Affiliate Classroom membership site, Anik had created a successful training center for marketers of all experience levels (beginners to experts). After years of work in the site, Anik earned the respect of most industry leaders especially in his field of affiliate marketing. This scenario does not include an Anik Singal scam by a long shot.

Affiliate Strategies
In his site, Anik taught people long-term affiliate strategies, as opposed to those taught in other affiliate courses and books using black hat strategies. Anik emphasized providing the search engines with quality content and quality links rather than depending on black hat tactics.

Anik also emphasized the use of multiple methods of advertising rather than putting all his resources on only one source of income. The rationale is that by promoting various products and employing many other sources of traffics and leads, you are well-protected from losses in case a product is discontinued or loses steam in the market.

Email List-Building
Anik also recommended building an email list to help one position as an authority. This is over and above the concrete reason that emails help build strong and lasting relationships between clients and prospects over the years.

With the support of his blog as his speaking platform, Anik was able to shore up his reputation and strongly built his brand and position in the market.

Other Products
Anik had developed several products and services which he had also been bestsellers in the market. He had marketed such products as the Blog Classroom course, the Affiliate Classroom, PPC Classroom and the membership site Launch Tree.

Usually, he breaks down his products into step-by-step formats. He also provides follow-up training for these products in various media – audio interviews, teleseminars, webinars, and Q&A sessions in the sites.

At present, Anik Singal is in the middle of promoting his exciting new product, the New Empire Formula that is now widely discussed in the online business world. An Anik Singal scam happens only in his enemy’s imagination.

Patty Bender

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