An Essential Evaluation of GPT and the Coffee House Letter

Income Opportunity Home Based Business

GPT (Get Paid Today) was explained in the Coffee House Letter written by a savvy Internet Network Marketer. You should read this article as this is not another marketing scheme and this may be worth your time. This is especially so if you are into the marketing business.

The Coffee House starts by reminding many Network Marketers about their hardship that they had to undergo in order to develop their business. The Coffee House wanted to make people aware that YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL if you are creating an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) business. This is because, you will always at the mercy of other businesses when you are not in control.

GPT is a kind of reliable quick fix when you want to develop your business. This is because every new recruit will give you more profits. In the Coffee House the example that is being used is:

You can get $1000 on a High-Tier business. (These businesses can also cost more than $3000). However, you only get a few hundred dollars with the conventional MLM.

At first I feel that this was a good idea. However, soon, I started to question. Why is GPT plotted against MLM? I think it is because obviously, Network Marketers are their target and many MLM-ers are always seeking for new opportunities.

However, I think GPT don’t care that many people in Network Marketing adore their company. If you are interested in creating a business that is similar to GPT, you need to be aware of the setbacks you might face when creating a home-based business. You need to join a company that you are interested in before you can succeed.

Thus rather than jumping on the next big thing, equip yourself with helpful tips and plans that will help you gain success in your business.

Income Opportunity Home Based Business