AlpineAccess.Com Scam – Bad Press Comes And Goes – What Is It? is one successful home-grown call center outsourcing company that helped allow many people the unique opportunity to work from home. With prestigious and large clients as Office Depot, J.Crew and the Internal Revenue Service, there can never be an scam.

While most outsourcing companies are now mostly based in foreign countries, AlpineAccess held its own ground in competing with these foreign-headquartered home companies. What worked for them was the fact that they helped their clients eliminate the costs of maintaining in-house customer service centers.

Today, they provide a nationwide staff that are home-based, all trained as representatives of the company and who can cover a range of time zones, languages and skill sets.

Recruiting Methods
Since 1998, handled their own employee recruitment over the phone and online too. After submission of the application, there is a scheduled phone interview. After which, the last step would be a professional background check.

Since it is a call center, the foremost obvious requirement would be a solid phone demeanor and some basic computer skills because the work handles a lot of order processing.

Working Hours
AlpineAccess requires its CSR group to be available 20 hours within a week. Some technical requirements include a solid computer with an operating system of at least Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

There is also a need for a fast ISP service, a corded headset and a noise-canceling microphone.

Company Philosophy
Calling them AlpineAccess values, the company’s policies are embodied in three interacting values that govern the company’s decisions, interaction, and its eventual growth all these years.

They also called them the company’s core values in three words – Learn Work Play.

This desire for excellence in everything fuels the company’s efforts of responding to the needs of their clients and customers only in terms of continually improving all the aspects of their business – service, decisions, and actions.

Everyone is encouraged to continuously learn and realize their full potential within the work environment.

AlpineAccess professes their passion in giving exceptional care for their customers. This is heard and felt in the voices of their customer care professionals as they do their utmost in taking care of their customer needs. Can anyone even imagine of an scam?

This kind of care is also shown in the company’s relationship with their employees, their clients and their customers. Taking the risk of sounding like a worn-out cliché, the company sees their own people as their greatest assets.

In the end, AlpineAccess goes for the time-worn values of fairness, dignity, honesty and respect among themselves, with their employees and their clients. They believe everything else will fall into place. An scam is nothing but just a bad idea.

Patty Bender

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