About Me

I grew up in a small rural town, Lickdale, Pennsylvania. I spent my entire time growing up in a small home that my parents rented. Throughout my childhood and into my teens my family went camping many times a year this is where I first got my taste of the outdoors and traveling. I enjoyed playing the trumpet in the high school band and traveling to band competitions throughout the nation.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I love to travel. Upon graduating from high school I went on to a business school to get the education I needed to get a good job. I then got a job in a local bank working in the computer room, that was a good start, but I knew I needed to be in the corporate world. Through persistence and patience I landed a position with Hershey Foods Corp. I served as the first woman to trade commodity futures for the company. I attended college part time while I was working for Hershey Foods and received a Bachelor of Science Degree with a dual major in Accounting and Business Management.

I thought I was set. Little did I know….. After relocating to the Lake Norman North Carolina area so my husband Bruce could pursue his dream of working for a NASCAR race team, I realized that the corporate position that I thought I once needed really wasn’t all that.

I then made the transition into real estate. This was when I discovered that I really love to connect with people and help them with their needs. First I was an agent with the company. I loved working with my clients to help them solve their real estate problems. I became very successful, I was in the top 3% of producing agents in the area.

At this time my husband and I bought our first rental properties, this would be our first real taste of being an entrepreneur. Next an opportunity to own and open two new real estate franchises in the area presented itself. We took the opportunity.

They were Keller Williams Realty franchises which in addition to being a real estate company is also a multilevel marketing company. With coaching from my husband Bruce I started the franchises from scratch and built them into a self supporting company. Once the offices were up and running I no longer worked in the business but I worked on the business.

I then went back to focus on building my downline of agents (which to this day I still get a check from) and once again a real estate agent helping people live their dreams. I then became so busy that I decided to build a team of five. Soon after that is when my husband left racing and joined me as an agent and team manager.

We then saw the indicators in the market and sold our franchises prior to the market crash for a nice seven-figure check. We then tapered down our real estate business working with a select few clients.

That didn’t last long. We knew we wanted to do more. We started searching the Internet for opportunities. We wanted flexibility and to be able to run our business from anywhere in the world. We spent a small fortune (which we can help you to prevent) until we found the correct systems, coaches and mentors to help us become successful.

Now we are on the right track to building another 7 figure business using the internet. This time our business has the flexibility to allow us to live the lifestyle we deserve.

It’s not all work, I have a lot of fun too! I workout at the gym 3-4 times a week, take our dog Jake for walks though town daily. I volunteer at the local soup kitchen to help prepare and serve meals. I love to go shopping, I am a collector of fine shoes, purses and jewelery. I enjoy going to the theater, musicals and country music concerts with our friends. I like to wind down my day by watching house hunters international, it combines my love of travel and love of homes. I love to go on rides with my husband on his Harley. We love to travel, we visit the Caribbean island of St Martin at least once a year which has become our favorite vacation.

We get away to our mountain home often. In the mountains I enjoy time with my husband, Bruce. I like to snuggle up and enjoy a good action adventure or romance movie, sitting on the deck soaking up the view, reading a Danielle Steel novel, and winetasting in the Yadkin Valley. We like to go on adventures in the mountain on our four wheeler or hiking, taking our dog Jake for walks letting him run free with us.

Building a business on the internet has definitely given us some great choices we didn’t have before. We want you to have choices too.